Find out about the history and origins of the Unimog.

Not a typical tractor.

The Universal-Motor-Gerät, more commonly known by its German acronym of Unimog, is quite simply an automotive legend. The Unimog was the brainchild of Albert Friedrich, the former head of aircraft engine design at the then Daimler-Benz AG, who had already been working on the idea of a motorised agricultural working machine during the Second World War. Conceived as an agricultural vehicle, it was intended to differ greatly from traditional tractors.

The return to Daimler-Benz.

Production started in 1948. But just a few years later, the vehicle was so popular that the manufacturer was no longer able to produce enough units to keep up with the high demand. Considering the professional background of the development team, the next twist in the Unimog story was always on the cards: in the autumn of 1950, the Unimog returned to Daimler-Benz. The entire Unimog project – including the patents, the developers and the newly created sales department – was moved to Gaggenau into what was the truck plant at that time.

A 70-year-long success story.

From its origins right up to the present day, this masterful automotive all-rounder has always stood out for its ability to adapt perfectly to the requirements of its customers. So far, 30 model series have been brought out and sales have nearly reached the 400,000 mark. No other vehicle in the world is capable of operating as a tractor, traction engine, truck, fire-fighting vehicle, exploration vehicle, bus and utility vehicle.

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